Removing DPN In The UK – London

London (UK) doctors/ dermatologists to help with DPN Removal 

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If you have come on this page then we guess you are looking for a UK based Doctor who can aid with DPN removal. However, lets start off with the basics:

What is it and what causes it?

The cause of DPN also known as Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra is still unknown.  It is believed to be a congenital anomaly of the skin caused by a developmental defect of the hair follicle.  Some medical professionals speculate that it is due to ageing, while other researchers believe it is a combination of heredity, sun exposure and heredity.  About 50% of patients seeking treatment have a family history of the skin condition—a parent or grandparent, for example, might have them. Formation typically begins during teen years and they may increase in number and size as the patient ages.

Treating It –  DPN Removal Using Laser 

Lasers are the most effective option and create a scab that falls off a few days later.  TheNd:YAG laser has a wavelength (1064nm) that is safe for dark skin.  It coagulates melanin of the dark spots and blood vessel supply to the growths.  There is a little pain but minimal side effects. The skin heals within one week. There is a possibility of skin discoloration but it will fade. Sometimes a lightening agent is used to speed up fading.

After any treatment, refrain from picking at lesions and avoid sun exposure.  Do not use any anti-aging products or alpha hydroxy acids, or any other products that have ingredients that are abrasive, can potentially cause irritation, skin sensitivity or photo sensitivity.  Apply sunscreen whenever you will be exposed to sunlight.  If the face and cheeks have been treated do not apply makeup, including blush for 3 to 4 days after treatment.