Dermatosis Paulosa Nigra – Treated in UK Birmingham

Get removal and treatment for DPN (Dermatosis Paulosa Nigra) done in West Midland – Birmingham UK

 Dermatosis Paulosa Nigra is characterized by little black or brown spots that are on the skin. Some people with DPN have a few, insolated spots with other develop 100s of spots. Advances in medical science means Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra treatment can provide long lasting and best results.



Alot of patients as of a Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra prevention. However dermatologists are not clear as to the right causes of Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra. One chance is that the pilosebaceous follicl does not develop rightly. Also, it is likely to be attached to a genetic predisposition. Research presents that 40% -50% of patients have a family history of this situation. 

DPN laser treatment

Because DPN is a benign situation, patients seek treatment help from dermatologists for cosmetic factors. In recent years the Nd:YAG 106nm DPN laser has shown to be a remarkable treatment. Other methods contain cryosurgery (freezing), curettage (scraping), and elctrocautery (burning). Anyway these modalities pose dangers of scaring, the production of keloids and useless pigmentation problems.

Because the 1064mm wavelength is best for dark skin, the long pulse mode was studied as an idea to coagulate the melanin of the black spots and any blood vessels helping growth of the mole-like lesions.

In 2008, the Cosmetic and Laser Therapy journal released a study on the use of DPN laser treatment. The dermatologists involved in the research reported amazing results in clearing the lesions from 2 patients.

In 2009, the institute of Laser at the Sudan University Technology and Science also released search on using Nd: YAG laser on twenty subjects. The result was successful in study as well.

Some dermatologists use the Nd:YAG laser to amazingly treat Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, related pigmentation and vascular conditions as well as numerous other cosmetic objectives. It is secure for all skin colors while providing best results.

In the field of dermatology and other places of medicine, laser function as a non-invasive tool that adjustments and rights tissues at extremely specific, microscopic lasers. There is generally very small pain involved and minimal bad effects.

The risks of the procedure include:

  • Bleeding

  • Infection

  • Scarring

  • Incomplete removal

  • Hypopigmentation

  • Hyperpigmentation

The impact of the removal can have on a patient’s life is amazing to see, they can go from someone with very bad to someone with lovely smooth skin.

Different studies have been carried out the effectiveness of the ND:YAG in treating this situation. Outcomes of the studies reported wonderful in clearing the skin spots.